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Another dynamic duo who are currently on the road to success is Meghan and Dominic Loneragan from Citizens Of The World. COTW is a creative travel and lifestyle publication that celebrates people and their places. We got to chat with Meghan and see what her steps to a success is.


Spend a day or two strolling the streets of areas in Tokyo, and you will quickly realise how much attention is paid to looking good.

I could spend my lifetime eating my way through all the different choices of food in Japan. No matter the time, place or day, you always find something to eat, and not be disappointed!

There is so much in Japan alone that you could put on your bucket list and tick off. Over the three cities - Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, each city is completely different to the next, with an array of different people, culture and history.  

Just Back: Japan

From the minute you step off the plane, you don’t even want to step back on the plane without thinking about planning your next trip back!

The world of wearables is at the start of what promises to be a period of a huge expansion. Here are four products that are paving the way for the future in wearable tech.

Taking control of your work life by venturing out on your own may be scary, but doing nothing about it can be worse.

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